le teint creme

Complexion corrective soothing moisturiser

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TOLERIANE SENSITIVE LE TEINT CREME is a new hybrid skincare. Combining the dermatological soothing efficacy of TOLERIANE SENSITIVE CREME reinforced by an instant high tinted coverage.
TOLERIANE SENSITIVE LE TEINT CREME, enriched with prebiotic thermal water, covers, hydrates and protects. Immediately, skin is significantly hydrated, soothed and redness seems reduced.
Tested under dermatological and ophtalmological control.

Tube 50ml


Suitable for sensitive skin.

Immediately redness are visibly reduced. Complexion is visibly unified, without any mask effect*.
Incomfort sensations are significantly reduced*.
Tinted coverage: Pure mineral pigments. Providing instant, natural-looking coverage.
Durably: Tones down redness and skin sensitivity. Tones-up the skin for a natural perfect complexion.

*Self assessment , n = 64, Caucasian women, aged from 21 to 63 years old, presenting a sensitive skin.

Product efficacy

Consumers agree*:

97% declares the product does not leave the skin sticky after application
100% declare it does not leave the skin oily after application
100% declares it applies quickly
97% declares it does not give a mask effect

* Self assesment  n=64 Caucasian women aged from 21 to 63 years old with an average age of 43,9 years all skin types, with sensitive skin.

Texture & application

Hydrating and soothing texture. Non-comedogenic.
Light to medium coverage, 2 universal shades. Light and easy-to-distribute, it immediately comforts and refreshes with an addictive sensation. The result is light and natural coverage, without ever blocking pores or mask effect. Unifying and soothing.

Apply daily on the face and the neck. Placing hands on either side of the face, gently massage the product into skin, starting at the forehead and moving downwards to the nose, cheeks and chin, always starting at the centre and sweeping outwards with light, gentle strokes.
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Hydrates for 24h.


Helps repair and protect the skin barrier.

Vitamin B3

Intensely and durably soothes.

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Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.