Toleriane Ultra Overnight

The daily high tolerance overnight care that soothes ultra-sensitive or allergic skin discomforts. Even upon waking. Suitable for eyes' contours.

Toleriane Ultra Overnight packshot from Toleriane, by La Roche-Posay
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The advice of
the dermatologist

“Extra tips for ultra-sensitive or allergic skin: wash your hands frequently, particularly  if you have been in contact with an allergen. Wash your hair every evening. Avoid touching your skin as much as possible, and in case of eye allergy, try not to rub your eyes.

    Intensely hydrates and soothes the feel of irritation due to dryness upon waking. Night after night, skin's sensitivity is reduced and the skin is relieved from discomforts every morning.

    40ml - Ultra-hermetic packaging for a maximal formula protection


    For ultra-sensitive or allergic skin. Stinging, itching, burning sensations, and visible redness.
    Ultra-soothing overnight moisturiser enriched in [La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water] that combines [Neurosensine], a strong soothing agent that targets the signs of skin irritation due to dryness, with the complex [Carnosine/ Vitamin E] that decreases the occurence of discomfort and redness upon awakening.
    Ultra-hermetic packaging, anti-contamination, anti-oxydation, anti-dried-up residue and anti-waste, allowing a highly minimalist formulation and an optimal tolerance.
    0% fragrance/alcohol.
    High tolerance. Tested under dermatological control on allergic skin. Tested under ophtalmological control.

    Product efficacy

    First wake up: skin is soothed and irritations are calmed.
    24h hydration*: deep and long-lasting moisturising effect up to 24h.

    After 4 weeks

    Reduction of skin reactivity**
    -57% stinging sensations 

    Reduction of discomfort signs***
    -94% heating sensations
    -85% tightness

    *Corneometer measurement, n=24
    **In vivo facial stinging test scorage under dermatological control, n=51 women with sensitive skin, 28 days, 1 application/day in the evening
    ***In vivo clinical scorage by dermatologists, n=51 women with sensitive skin, 4 weeks, 1 application/day in the evening

    Texture & application

    Breakthrough night texture inspired from Asian sleeping mask. Smooth and envelopping fresh water gel texture .
    Apply to the face and neck every night on cleansed skin.
    Toleriane Ultra Overnight packshot from Toleriane, by La Roche-Posay

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    Intensely soothes the skin.


    The best performing antioxidant duo. Relieve the skin from discomforts and redness overnight.


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