Toleriane Ultra
Eye Contour

The daily moisturising and ultra-soothing skincare for sensitive eyes' contours.

    Soothes intensely and durably ultra-sensitive eye contour.

    20ml - Ultra-hermetic packaging for a maximal formula protection


    For sensitive eye contour subject to redness, stinging, puffiness or sensations of discomfort. Suitable for contact lens wearers.
    Moisturizing and ultra-soothing skincare associating the patented [Neurosensine + Niacinamide] complex to target puffiness and discomfort of eye contour with soothing and protective [La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water].
    Ultra-hermetic packaging, anti-contamination, anti-oxydation, anti-dried-up residue and anti-waste, allowing a highly minimalist formulation and an optimal tolerance.
    0% fragrance/alcohol.
    High tolerance. Tested under dermatological control on allergic skin. Tested under ophtalmological control.

    Product efficacy

    Immediate and durable relief: soothes irritation, puffiness, spaces out discomforts and reduces eye-bags. Significantly decreases the irritated aspect of the eye contour.
    24h hydration*: deep and long-lasting moisturising effect up to 24h.

    After 4 weeks

    Reduction of skin reactivity and discomfort signs**
    - 68% stinging sensations
    -100% heating/burning sensations
    -90% tightness
    -90% prickling sensations

    Reduction of eye bags***
    "The product leaves the eye contour skin soothed" for 90% of women.
    "The eye contour skin looks softer after the 1st application" for 90% of women.
    "The eye contour skin looks suppler" for 88% of women.

    *Corneometer measurement, n=24
    **In vivo clinical scorage by dermatologist, n=46 women with sensitive skin, 4 weeks, 2 applications/day morning and evening
    ***Cosmetoclinical trial under dermatological control, self-assessment questionnaire on eye puffiness, n=51 women with sensitive eye contour, 2 applications/day morning and evening

    Texture & application

    Ultra-light & fresh texture.
    Apply gently without friction to eye contour area morning and evening according to the technique described below:
    1. Apply a small amount of product onto the tip of your ring finger
    2. Delicately dab over the eye contour areas and eyelids
    3. Apply gentle pressure from the inside of the eye outwards
    4. Finish by applying light pressure over the whole eye
    Toleriane Ultra  Eye Contour packshot from Toleriane, by La Roche-Posay

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    Decreases sensations of pain. Significantly reduces skin reactivity and sensitivity.


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    Calms and relieves irritated skin, soothes itching and protects the skin.

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