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NewToleriane Sensitive Fluide. Protective soothing moisturiser.

The new dermatological hydration. Safe, even for babies.

Toleriane Sensitive Fluide. Protective soothing moisturiser. packshot from Toleriane, by La Roche-Posay
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The advice of
the dermatologist

“Avoid friction and scratching. Keep nails short. Avoid touching the skin as much as possible. Avoid over-heated water for the bath or shower.”

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  • \\SRV-PUBLIC-2015\Applications\Site-LRP-Inter-V4\Maquettes\online\includeV4\images-dyn\pictos_productsBabies, children & adults
  • \\SRV-PUBLIC-2015\Applications\Site-LRP-Inter-V4\Maquettes\online\includeV4\images-dyn\pictos_productsAllergy tested, fragrance-free, alcohol-free. Non-comedogenic

When the skin is sensitive it is necessary not only to repair its cutaneous barrier but also to preserve its microbial barrier; the invisible barrier that naturally protects the skin.
- Hydrates for 48hrs. Repairs and protects skin barrier.
- Intensely soothes. Calms and reduces skin irritations. Relieves skin from tightness, tingling, dryness and occasional redness.

Tube 40ml


For sensitive skin suffering from tightness, tingling, dryness or occasionnal redness.

Soothing and protective actives : [Glycerin] Hydrates for 48hrs, repairs and protects skin barrier. [Vitamin B3] Intensely soothes. [La Roche-Posay Thermal Water] Calms and reduces skin irritations.
Complementary ingredients to guarantee comfortable application and preserve the quality of the formula.
0% fragrance, 0% alcohol.
Non-comedogenic. Non-irritant/non-sensitizing. High Tolerance, suitable even for babies.

Product efficacy

After 4 weeks

Reduces skin sensitivity*
-49% stinging

Reduces clinical signs of sensitivity**
-28% dryness

Reduces signs of discomfort**
-85% itching

Tested under dermatological control. Tested under ophthalmological control. 

*In vivo facial stinging test scorage, n=52 Caucasian women with sensitive skin, 4 weeks, 2 applications/day morning and evening,
**In vivo clinical scorage by dermatologists, n=52 Caucasian women with sensitive skin, 4 weeks,  2 applications/day morning and evening.

Texture & application

Apply to the face and the neck morning and evening.

La Roche-Posay recommends

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A better life for sensitive skin

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Hydrates for 48h.


Calms and reduces skin irritations.

Our safety commitments

Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.