Toleriane eyeshadows allergy-tested

A soothing, fixing primer plus an eyeshadow duo, for a luminous and glamourous look. 100% allergy-tested make-up you dare to wear.

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  • \\SRV-PUBLIC-2015\Applications\Site-LRP-Inter-V4\Maquettes\online\includeV4\images-dyn\pictos_products100% allergy-tested
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Shadow palette that combines a soothing fixing primer to highlight the most sensitive eyelids and an eyeshadow duo to deliver vibrating shades to each eye color.

4,4 g case. 4 harmonies availables.


Sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Its primer plus color combination assures maximum eyelid protection to avoid skin and eye irritation. It unifies, smoothes and fixes the eyelid for a perfect 8hr hold and a comfortable texture all day long.

Soothing fixing primer:
- Erases and unifies eye lid imperfections and redness
- Intensifies eyeshadow make-up result and improves wear properties.

Eyeshadow duo:
- High concentration of purified pigments and pearls
- A silky texture, easy to apply, that deliver an intense make-up result.

Product efficacy

An intensely illuminated look in an easy 3-step application.

Texture & application

Its easy-apply texture avoids irriation with a 3-step application gesture:
1. Apply the primer on the entire eyelid with fingers
2. Using the "liner" applicator, pick up the darkest eye shadow and outline the eyes
3. Spread the lighter shade on the upper lid fade it to the outside corner to give a deeper intensity to the make-up
Toleriane eyeshadows allergy-tested packshot from Toleriane make-up, by La Roche-Posay

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For high impact pigmentation without irritation.

Our safety

Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.