Toleriane Mascara Volume

Extreme volume intense eyes mascara.
100% allergy-tested make-up you dare to wear.

  • \\SRV-PUBLIC-2015\Applications\Site-LRP-Inter-V4\Maquettes\online\includeV4\images-dyn\pictos_products\v_picto-atopy.pngSensitive skin
  • \\SRV-PUBLIC-2015\Applications\Site-LRP-Inter-V4\Maquettes\online\includeV4\images-dyn\pictos_products100% allergy-tested
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Amplifies and defines lashes. Strenght and volume.



Specially formulated for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Extreme volume with no discomfort, from application to removal:
- Intensely densifies lashes without weighting them down, easy to remove.
- Magnifies each and every lash without irritating the eye contour.

Product efficacy

Its exclusive formula containing ceramide and thickening carnauba wax strenghtens and voluminises lashes.
Its microaerated texture allows for featherlight lashes with a maximum volume and intense look. Its lash coating formula contains reconstituted lacrimal liquid for optimal ocular comfort.

Texture & application

Its voluminising micro-aerated formula allows for both an easy application and removal, while providing intense volume without weighting down the lashes.
The specific brush format magnifies every lash without discomfort or irritation, protecting the eye contour. 
Place the brush at the lash root slowly move towards the ends while gently rotating the wrist, to separate the lashes and apply the product to the entire length, without clumping or over application.
Toleriane Mascara Volume packshot from Toleriane make-up, by La Roche-Posay

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Featherlight effect.


Strengthens and voluminises lashes.

Our safety

Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.