Toleriane Bronzing powder

Tanning and glowing powder for healthy and natural bronze like finish.
100% allergy-tested make-up you dare to wear.

  • \\SRV-PUBLIC-2015\Applications\Site-LRP-Inter-V4\Maquettes\online\includeV4\images-dyn\pictos_products\v_picto-atopy.pngSensitive skin
  • \\SRV-PUBLIC-2015\Applications\Site-LRP-Inter-V4\Maquettes\online\includeV4\images-dyn\pictos_products100% allergy-tested
  • \\SRV-PUBLIC-2015\Applications\Site-LRP-Inter-V4\Maquettes\online\includeV4\images-dyn\pictos_products\v_picto-atopy.pngOily to acne-prone skin

Natural tan and healthy glow. Illuminates the skin and highlights its features.



Suitable for all skin types, specially formulated for sensitive skin.
With its trio of subtly iridescent, warm shades, the Bronzing Powder is adapted to fair and darker complexions, whatever the season.
Thanks to its groundbreaking texture - ultra-soft, light - it is specifically developed for the comfort of sensitive skin.
Provides long-lasting comfort with no irritation.

Product efficacy

Instant bronzed look in just one application. Enhanced, naturally tanned and aglow complexion. Long-lasting comfort.

Texture & application

Groundbreaking texture: ultra-soft, light, specifically developed for the long lasting comfort of all skin types, specially sensitive skin. Its powder texture provides a natural soft tanned finish.
To be used after complexion corrector or foundation.
With a soft brush, take some powder delicately with a circular gesture, mixing the three colors. Two turns are enough to get the right quantity.
Apply on the face areas which would naturally tan: first on forehead and cheekbones, and then finish with nose and chin.
Toleriane Bronzing powder packshot from Toleriane make-up, by La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay recommends

Your Toleriane make-up routine

The right gestures for your skin.



High oil absorption capacity: long lasting mattifying effect.


For high impact pigmentation without irritation.

Our safety

Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.