Rosaliac UV Light

Anti-redness moisturizer
SPF 15 Protection
Soft and fresh emulsion, non-comedogenic.

    Soothes redness and flushes

    40ml tube


    Redness-prone sensitive skin, subject to heated sensations.
    Triple protection to moisturize and limit the appearance of daily redness and heated sensations :
    - Vitamin CG to strengthen fragile blood vessel walls.
    - Vitamin B3 to fortify skin against external irritating factors and climatic variations.
    - Filtering system with Mexoryl XL to protect the skin against UV rays, major aggravating factors in skin redness.

    Product efficacy

    - Moisturizing effect significantly increased by + 22%, even 8 hours after the application.
    - Diminution of redness intensity -29%  after  2 month's use.

    Texture & application

    Apply to the whole face daily. Avoid the eye contour.
    For optimal efficacy, use before ROSALIAC AR the intensive concentrate.
    Rosaliac UV Light packshot from Rosaliac, by La Roche-Posay

    Our safety

    Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.