Lipikar Podologics

Smoothing and Restoring Lipid-replenishing Foot Care Concentrate.

    Soothes, nourishes and immediately smoothes dry and very dry feet.

    100ml tube, no outer package


    Dry to very dry feet, callouses, cracks.
    Soothes, nourishes and smoothes dry and very dry feet immediately. Works to soften and reduce the thickness of calluses on the foot, in 5 days.

    Product efficacy

    After 4 weeks, the skin is smoother: 96%
    The skin is softened: 98%
    The skin is more supple: 98%
    Callouses are smoothed: 92%
    Cracks are repaired: 94%

    Texture & application

    Apply to the entire foot. Massage carefully.
    Lipikar Podologics packshot from Lipikar, by La Roche-Posay

    Our safety

    Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.