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KERIUM Dandruff
Oily Sensitive Scalp

Anti-Dandruff Gel-Shampoo
Micro-Exfoliant. Frequent use

    Intensely purifying, anti-oiliness, anti-itching

    200 ml bottle


    Dandruff & oily sensitive scalp due to excess sebum, often accompanied by dull, oily hair and itching sensations.
    Anti-dandruff purifying gel-shampoo enriched with Zinc and micro-exfoliating LHA™ for a targeted action.

    Texture & application

    Ideal for frequent use, to target dandruff.
    Fresh, light and transparent gel formula specifically developed for oily scalp.
    Massage scalp gently before rinsing. In case of persistent dandruff use KERIUM DS Anti-dandruff treating shampoo.
    External use. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly.
    KERIUM Dandruff Oily Sensitive Scalp  packshot from Kerium, by La Roche-Posay

    Our safety

    Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.