Cleansing Foaming Gel

EFFACLAR Gel gently purifies the skin thanks to cleansing agents selected to respect sensitive skin. It eliminates impurities and excess sebum while leaving the skin clean and fresh.

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The advice of
the dermatologist

Cleansing is the 1st gesture for acne-prone skin sufferers to avoid the dirty skin experience.

    The complementary cleansing routine for acne-prone skin. EFFACLAR Gel gently purifies oily skin without drying effects thanks to gentle cleansing agents rigorously selected to ensure good tolerance. It removes impurities and excess sebum, leaving the skin clean and refreshed.

    Bottle with pump 400 ml - Tube 300ml, 200ml & 50 ml


    With soothing, anti-irritant La Roche-Posay thermal spring water - physiological pH - Alcohol-free. Adapted and well-tolerated cleansing for acne-prone skin. Non-comedogenic.

    Removes impurities and excess sebum. Gently lifts dirt and grime away from the skin. Reduces the visibility of blackheads and control shine. Leaves skin clean and refreshed.

    • La Roche-Posay thermal spring water: soothing and anti-irritant action
    • Cleansing agents selected for their high-efficacy action in eliminating impurities and excess sebum
    • Zinc pidolate: reduce sebum secretion

    Product efficacy

    Clinical study*

    • 16% reduction in sebum
    • 25% reduction in blackheads
    • 28% reduction of inflammatory lesions (spots)

    Tested on acne-prone skin suitable for sensitive skin. Tolerance assessed by subject undergoing Isotretinoin treatment**:
    • Does not irritate skin 87%
    • Suitable for irritated skin 82%
    • Does not irritate eyes 87%

    *Clinical study led by Prof. G.E. Pierard (CHU Liège). 30 patients with mild to moderate combined acne, not using any acne treatment. 2 daily utilisations (morning and evening) for 1 month. Clinical and biometrological measurements at D0 and D28 by dermatologist in charge of investigation.
    **Observational study. 1 178 patients, 125 dermatologists. EFFACLAR GEL used 1-2 times per day for 30 days. As a complement to medical treatments.

    Texture & application

    Wash your hands and nails. Use luke-warm water to help unclog pores. Foam in the hand with a little water and apply to the face. Work in circular strokes, massaging gently. Focus on the t-zone and neck. Rinse off with cool water to help tighten pores. Use a clean face-towel. Tap skin dry to avoid friction.
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    La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

    Soothing and anti-irritant action

    Zinc pidolate

    Reduces sebum secretion and purifies the skin

    Cleansing agents

    High-efficacy action in eliminating impurities and excess sebum.

    Our safety

    Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.