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Which products can reduce itching and increase sleeping in atopic dermatitis?

Does eczema interfere with your or your child’s sleep due to persistent scratching during the night? Discover a unique clinical trial run by the atopic skin expert brand La Roche-Posay, proving that a specific eczema-prone daily care routine before bed can reduce itching for up to 2x less scratching, allowing for measurable improvements in sleep quality and duration. Read on for details of the routine.

Which products can reduce itching and increase sleeping in atopic dermatitis?

Pruritus (itching) interferes with sleep in adults and children with atopic dermatitis or eczema. In fact, atopic children lose an hour of sleep a night due to scratching. The atopic skin expert brand La Roche-Posay ran a clinical study on 51 patients, both adults and children, to test an eczema-prone daily care routine’s ability to improve sleep quality and reduce itching. The study found that the daily use of a soap substitute such as LIPIKAR Syndet AP+ and an emollient such as LIPIKAR Baume AP+ applied in the evening reduced the intensity and duration of itching with up to 2x less scratching and improved both the quality and the duration of sleep.

Products to help with dry itchy eczema and sleep loss

By the atopic skin expert brand

The top symptom of atopic dermatitis is pruritus (itching). The persistent need to scratch red, raw and scaling eczema lesions can interfere with sleep, resulting in a genuine impact on quality of life.

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Dermatologists working with the atopic skin expert brand La Roche-Posay observed that using a soap substitute (LIPIKAR Syndet AP+) specifically for eczema-prone skin plus nightly application of an emollient could reduce itching, with the knock-on effect of improved sleep and improved quality of life, for both adults and children. To test this hypothesis out, La Roche-Posay performed a clinical study to measure the effects of this routine.

A unique clinical trial on eczema prone skin and sleep quality

  • Who? 51 patients: 24 adults and 27 children aged 3+.
  • How severe? Moderate to severe atopic eczema, SCORAD of 42.
  • Timescale? 2-week trial with patients clinically assessed on days 0 and 14.
  • Routine? Application of LIPIKAR Syndet during each shower/bath. Application of LIPIKAR Baume AP+ at least once a day in the evening.

Results: The right routine means less itching and more sleep!

The LIPIKAR Syndet AP+ plus LIPIKAR Baume AP+ routine is a winning combination to decrease the urge to scratch, with the knock-on effect of improving sleep quality and overall quality of everyday life. The study’s results in figures:

  • Pruritus (itching): -41% intensity and -38% duration
  • Sleep loss: +35% sleep quality and +42% sleep duration
  • Overall quality of life improvement: +73%

Conclusion: With the right products, you can treat dry itchy eczema and get a better night’s sleep

For atopic eczema sufferers who lose sleep due to itching and scratching, there is most definitely hope! Using LIPIKAR Syndet AP+ during each bath or shower and applying LIPIKAR Baume AP+ every evening is proven to reduce itching for 2x less scratching for a more restful night’s sleep and a positive impact on quality of life.

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