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The best clothes for eczema

Did you know that some clothes can do very important jobs? Firefighters wear special uniforms that protect them from hot flames. Lollipop people have bright jackets so the cars and traffic can see them easily. Astronauts wear spacesuits that let them breathe when there’s no air! And if you have eczema, your clothes need to do an important job too – they need to help keep your skin feeling happy!
To do just that, here are our 5 top “what to wear” tips.


Tip 1: Don’t wrap up too warm

When it’s cold out, parents often tell their kids to wrap up warm. But if you wear too many clothes, you can get all sweaty. When sweat stays on your skin for too long, it can make your eczema get worse – and that means lots of itching! So make sure you’re warm enough, but try wearing a cotton t-shirt under your sweater so you can take a layer off if you get too warm.


Tip 2: Cotton is your new BFF

Skin with eczema loves fresh air, so be sure to choose clothes that let it breathe. The best material to let plenty of air in is called cotton. It’s nice and light too so it also helps stop skin from getting too hot. Ask your parent to check the labels on your clothes to see if they are skin-friendly cotton. Wool and synthetics are to be avoided!


Tip 3: Wear shorts and t-shirt in summer

When the weather is warm and sunny, it’s fun to wear light clothes like shorts and a t-shirt and this helps your skin stay fresh too. Try not to feel embarrassed about letting people see your eczema. We are all different, and people have all kinds of marks and splotches on their skin! A little bit of sunshine can really help your eczema, so be sure to have lots of fun outside in the fresh air!


Tip 4: Say no to tight clothes, tags and scratchy seams!

Tight clothes will rub and make you feel super itchy. Opt for looser clothes that let your skin breathe. Another good tip is to cut any tags or labels off, and you can even cover thick seams with silk to stop them from scratching!


Tip 5: The best way to wash

Never wear anything new before it’s been washed as it can have itchy chemicals on it. Ask your parent if they could please use washing powder that’s non-biological, fragrance-free and dye-free. The same goes for any fabric softeners. As for drying, use a tumble drier if possible as that makes clothes softer and less scratchy!


Tip 6: Pay attention to your PJs!

When you think about it, we spend a lot of time in bed. Up to 10 hours a day, in fact! So it’s important to think about what pyjamas you wear. Just like your daytime clothes, the best PJs are light and made of cotton. Some pyjamas have scratchy labels and seams - which never puts skin with eczema in a good mood - so try wearing them inside out. You might even start a new fashion in your family ☺
We hope these tips will help you pick clothes to keep your skin in tip-top shape. And remember, as soon as you feel an itch, grab your Stick!


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