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Have you ever wondered how products are made and tested? How do we source ingredients? Are our products suitable even for babies? What is the method we developped as an alternative to animal testing? Whats does "100% allergy tested" mean?
At La Roche-Posay we are commited to develop highly efficient and safe products suitable even for the most sensitive skin.
Discover below our stringent testing protocols, medical experts partnerships and rigorous ingredient selection.

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Sourcing the safest ingredients for every skin

At La Roche-Posay, we pride ourselves on being the brand recommended by dermatologists for safety on even the most sensitive and fragile skin. We have won our reputation in the medical community thanks to expert knowledge of the skin, clinically proven results and an uncompromising formulation charter. Our rigorous ingredient selection process always goes well beyond international regulations to ensure adverse reactions are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Toxicologists involved at every stage of formulation

Toxicologists are scientists who study the safety and all effects of different substances. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that each and every ingredient in our formulas poses no threat to health. To achieve this, we meticulously research an exhaustive range of sources, such as cosmetovigilance, scientific publications, dermatologist case reports and internal data. Our objective is to avoid ingredients likely to cause allergy or irritation are excluded.

All products must respect our Maximum Tolerance Charter

Our stringent formulation charter goes beyond European regulations to rigorously select our ingredients. That’s why many of our formulas are fragrance-free and those that do contain fragrance feature none of the 26 allergens listed in European cosmetics regulation n°1223/2009/CE (30th November 2009).

Making anti-bacterial contamination a priority


Since our products are created for the most vulnerable skin, it is essential to avoid contamination with bacteria or fungi which can cause irritation or infection. Our laboratories rely on:

Beyond the ingredients themselves, your self-care routine can impact your skin’s wellbeing. Click HERE to read useful information regarding safety for the most fragile skin.

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