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For over 40 years, La Roche-Posay has been commited to making a better life for sensitive skin. Our dermatological solutions are dedicated to improve skin while always putting safety at the heart of our products.
Discover our commitment and the answers of our experts.

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Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.

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La Roche-Posay opened the doors of its laboratory and factory to 6 consumers looking for more information on cosmetics and safety.
Discover their journey and all the answers to their questions directly from the people who create and produce our products every day.


Health conscious woman wondering about cosmetic products’ safety

Aurora asks questions


Sensitive skin concerned woman wondering about cosmetic products’ safety


Mum-to-be wondering about babies cosmetic products’ safety


Woman wondering about cosmetic products’ safety after cancer


Sport addict wondering about solar cream’s safety


Health and safety concerned woman wondering about cosmetic products’ safety

The experts' answers

Hypoallergenic & sensitive skin

Phtalates & endocrin disruptors

Phtalates & endocrin disruptors

Products' toxicity

Products' toxicity


Cream manufacture

Contamination controls

Cream for babies

Contamination controls

Recipe and dosage controls

Thermal Spring Water’s utilisation

Cream manufacture

Phtalates & endocrin disruptors

Sun index & skin cancer

Ingredients origin

Products' toxicity

Ingredients origin


our products

Have you ever wondered how products are made and tested? How do we source ingredients? Are our products suitable even for babies? What is the method we developped as an alternative to animal testing? Whats does "100% allergy tested" mean?
At La Roche-Posay we are commited to develop highly efficient and safe products suitable even for the most sensitive skin.
Discover below our stringent testing protocols, medical experts partnerships and rigorous ingredient selection.

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Who is making my La Roche Posay products?
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Who is controlling my La Roche Posay products’ quality?
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Who is controlling my La Roche Posay products’ ingredients security?
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Who is formulating my La Roche Posay products?
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