Better skin throughout cancer

Caring for skin and feeling better during cancer treatments

Quality of life

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Taking care of your body is another way of changing your psychological state in the face of cancer.

Dr Pierre Saltel, psychiatrist and director of the psycho-oncology ward of the Centre Léon Bérard in Lyon, France, provides us with his expertise on the psychological impact of the cutaneous side effects of cancer treatments.

In this interview, the psychiatrist Dr. Pierre Saltel reminds us of the importance of treating the cutaneous side-effects of cancer treatments. Taking care of oneself and learning to handle symptoms has a positive psychological impact on the way patients approach and experience their illness.

Nowadays, professionals from many different fields help patients by providing various kinds of supportive care, from adapted physical activity, socio-aesthetics, to dermo-cosmetics. This new approach demonstrates the power and necessity of a holistic approach to treating cancer patients.