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Toleriane Ultra Allergens

can affect
your skin

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Intense dermatological moisturiser.
Soothes and repairs skin barrier.
Tested on allergic skin.

Intensely hydrates and soothes allergic or ultra-sensitive skin from stinging, itching, burning sensations, and visible redness. Repairs skin barrier. Beyond pain sensations relief in 1 minute, skin's sensitivity is reduced day by day and long-lasting comfort is restored.

Now, with anti-pollen adhesion.

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Allergies can cause
skin reactions

About 80%

of allergies have
an impact on the skin

  • Skin reaction 1

    Contact allergies
    may affect your skin

  • Skin reaction 2

    Respiratory allergies
    may affect your skin

  • Skin reaction 3

    Food allerges
    may worsen allergies

impact of

TODAY, 1 IN 3 people have an allergy
BY 2050, 1 IN 2 people will be affected

Allergies are a growing health concern, Some people have an allergic predisposition to develop them and the environment, diet, hygienic habits, further increase their risk of becoming allergic.


1. Immediately relieve skin discomforts linked to dryness (reduce redness, soothe itching), preserve and repair skin barrier function.

2. Reinforce skin barrier with optimal tolerance to limit the penetration of allergens.

Our safety

Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.

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