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What if your sun protection was also an effective anti-aging treatment?

Protecting yourself from UVB rays, responsible for sunburn, is an essential summer ritual. But what people don't know, is that skincare products containing sun protection, provided they also protect against UVA rays, can help preserve your skin's youth. A good reason to use them all year long.

Know how to identify the enemies of your skin's youth...

Because they penetrate the skin more deeply, UVA rays can have extremely harmful effects on the very structure of the dermis. They are thus partly responsible for speeding up the skin's aging process, called photoaging. Without the use of effective protection against the sun's rays with products like those available in the Anthelios range by La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory, wrinkles, age spots and a dull complexion can make an early appearance in the most exposed areas like the face, neck, upper chest and hands.

The need for daily protection

UVA rays represent 95% of the sun's rays that reach our skin. They are present all year round, even in cloudy weather. They can even pass through a window. It is therefore essential to protect yourself all year long with appropriate products to combat photoaging.

... and choose an effective sunscreen

To help you protect yourself all year long, La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory has developed the Anthelios range. It offers increased protection against UVA and UVB rays that's stricter than the European recommendation. Available in different textures to suit all skin types, the Anthelios XL products all offer very high UVA-UVB protection without compromising on tolerance for all skin types, making them a pleasure to use.

Anthelios Aquagel 30, for example, is ideally suited to daily use under normal exposure conditions. Its innovative ultra-light, moisturizing fresh gel texture is quickly absorbed for invisible protection. With its increased anti-UVA protection, even against long UVA rays, the new Anthelios Aquagel 30 is ideal for combating the appearance of a dull, gray complexion. It also has an anti-sebum and anti-moisture effect that's perfectly suited to combination skin.

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Everyone has their own protection

Anthelios is La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory's expert sun care range. Suited to the needs of sensitive skin, it offers UVA-UVB protection in a range of pleasant liquid textures, ideal for daily use.

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