Better skin throughout cancer

Caring for skin and feeling better during cancer treatments

Hands and feet

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Your hands, feet, and lips require special attention and care. As they have few sebaceous glands, they have fewer protective oils. This means that they tend to dry out faster, especially when they are faced with multiple environmental aggressions (cold, friction from shoes, etc.) The skin may thicken, crack, and feel sore. You should add a few key gestures to your daily routine.

Moisturize your Extremities

To avoid dryness, remember to frequently moisturize your hands, feet, and lips.

Nourish and protect your hands with Cicaplast Baume B5. If your hands and feet are damaged, use Cicaplast Baume B5 occlusively: apply a thick layer and cover it with cling film that you may leave on overnight. Allow it to penetrate the skin until it has been entirely absorbed, or gently massage your hands and feet with any excess product. Do not leave any product between your toes.

Throughout the Day

To limit the emergence of painful and unsightly cracks in the skin, wear gloves whenever doing any manual tasks, when it is cold outside, while doing the dishes, etc., and preferably wear flexible and comfortable footwear.