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Got eczema? Don’t scratch!

Have you ever been told not to scratch your skin? But the more people tell you not to scratch, the more you want to, right? It feels good and it takes away the itch - for a while at least. So why is everyone always telling you not to?


The truth is, scratching causes many more problems than it solves. When you scratch, your nails hurt your skin and it gets all inflamed (red and angry). And guess what? This makes it even itchier. So the more you scratch, the itchier you get and the worse your eczema becomes… And you get stuck in an itch-scratch trap!

So what can you do instead? You’ve got to do something – it’s unbearable! Whenever you feel the urge to scratch, the first thing to do is grab your Stick. Swirling it around on the itchy spot takes away the itch, but without hurting your skin like nails do. It’s a quick fix without all the problems that scratching causes. You’ll feel better in 2 seconds flat, we promise.

Your next itch rescue tip is the art of distraction. Hands love having something to do, so do something else with yours! Play a game with your friends, catch up on some crafting or grab your pens and doodle. As long as your hands are busy, you’ll soon forget about the itch!


One final smart tip to avoid the itch-scratch trap is called Mindfulness. Have you heard of it? Ask your parent or teacher to help you look into it or download an app. It’s all about stopping those annoying thoughts in your head that say “scratch! scratch! scratch!” and learning to clear your mind… So you can think about something nicer ☺.


So don’t forget, although it might feel good to start with, scratching is one of your skin’s worst enemies. The more you scratch, the itchier you become! Your Stick is your magic wand for eczema so reach for it and zap that itch on the spot! Finally, look for other ways to keep your hands busy and your mind calm. That way you’ll kick the itch-scratch habit in no time!


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