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Eczema and the summer holidays

What’s your favorite thing about going on holiday? Perhaps you fancy becoming a swimming champion. Or do you look forward to trying all the flavors of ice cream? However you like to spend your holidays, follow these few simple steps to make sure your eczema doesn’t get in the way of your summer fun!


At the swimming pool

Jumping, splashing and diving into a refreshing swimming pool is always great fun. But when you have eczema, sometimes the chlorine in the pool can upset your skin. Make sure you rinse off in the shower after each dip.


In the sea

Paddling in the sea and feeling the sand between your toes is a lovely way to spend the day. All the same, if you’ve scratched a lot recently, the salt water can really sting. If this happens, just rinse off and put on some Cicaplast where it hurts. What a relief!


One more thing… don’t forget sunscreen!

A little bit of sunshine is good for eczema, but always protect your skin with sun cream every 2 hours so it doesn’t get burnt. Some sunscreens are tested to make sure they don’t annoy skin with eczema, like the Anthelios range. And remember, never skip protection because sunburn stings even more than sore eczema skin!

There’s no reason why eczema should stop you from having a whale of a time on holiday. Just follow these top tips and your skin will stay ship shape all holiday long.


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