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Eczema and school

For all kids, school is kind of a mixed bag. You make loads of super friends and get to play at break and lunchtime, but you also have to do lots and lots of learning! For kids with eczema, the long school day can be even more challenging, because many things can trigger itching attacks … and that can make concentrating really hard :( .
To help you, here are some simple tips to stop your eczema from getting the better of you at school!


Golden rule 1: Don’t forget your stick!

Every kid with eczema needs something extra alongside the school-bag usuals like books and pencil cases. They need a mini itch-buster to take wherever they go: the Stick! Keep it in your school bag or your pocket so you can swirl it over any itches and zap them before they begin!


Golden rule 2: Don’t get too hot in the classroom!

Classrooms can sometimes be hot and stuffy, and that can make you itch more! Make sure you wear a t-shirt under your sweater so you can take a layer of clothing off if you get too warm. The best room temperature for eczema is about 18-20 degrees – why not ask your teacher if you can have a thermometer in the classroom?


Golden rule 3: Don’t get caught out in the playground!

Break time is the best time to play with your mates, but with all the running around and things like pollen in the air, skin can start itching. Remember to keep your Stick in your pocket so you can stop any itches on the spot.


Golden rule 4: Take special care during PE class!

Whether you love or loathe PE, getting all hot and sweaty can often make skin super itchy. Make sure you wear loose clothes and carry a little towel or some tissues to dab your skin if you get sweaty.


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