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Dry skin is incurable



Dry skin is incurable

For the first time for La Roche-Posay, a proteomic study provides objective evidence of the effectiveness of NUTRITIC Intense, showing how dry skin progresses towards a more normal condition over just 28 days of use. Additionally, this improvement has been testified by women: more comfort, soothing and softness.
*A proteomic study consists of identifying the proteins present on the surface of the skin, identifying its biological condition. ** Study of the proteome of the stratum corneum by non-invasive surface samples, at day 0 and day 28, after application of the product. Dosage of (protein) biomarkers: IL-1alpha and IL-1Ra, HSP 27, CLSP, Dermcidin, DMG 1, TGM-3, RNase7, GAPDH.

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