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Could the wrong 5 a day be making your allergies worse?

Many people realise that their diet can affect their allergies. Even if they aren’t allergic to any actual foods, what they eat seems to make a difference. The instinctive solution? To “go natural” and eat super healthily with a diet rich in fruit and vegetables.
But in certain predisposed individuals, this strategy can backfire. The reason is a condition called salicylate sensitivity. Certain fruits and vegetables contain high levels of compounds called salicylates (related to aspirin). In salicylate-sensitive individuals, foods rich in these compounds can actually make allergic symptoms such as hay fever, asthma, eczema and skin reactions worse.

Should I forget my 5-a-day?

Of course not! See an allergist to check if you really have salicylate sensitivity. He or she may recommend an elimination diet before slowly reintroducing salicylates. But salicylate-free doesn’t mean no fruit or greens! There are plenty of 5 a day options with a negligible salicylate content. Examples include pears, bananas, celery, leeks and lentils. But there are loads more so check out this link for reference: HERE

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