My sensitive skin diary

Could prebiotic skincare hold the key to calming sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin: An epidemic on the rise

Today, more than half the world’s population finds their skin has a habit of overreacting. Skin pulls, burns, itches or stings in response to a whole range of environmental attacks such as pollution, UV, air conditioning… even water. If any of this sounds familiar, then your skin has become sensitive. And its impact on your quality of life can often be major. When your daily routine looks like an assault course of trigger factors, you know something is wrong.

The link between sensitivity and friendly bacteria

Scientists have discovered that an imbalance of skin’s microbiome – the billions of micro-organisms living at its surface – may be related to the symptoms of sensitivity. This insight is based on two fundamental observations:

  • Sensitive skin is often irritable, whereas a rich, diverse microbiome is associated with calm skin.
  • Dry and irritated skin often has a depleted microbiome. But when it heals, the microbiome returns to normal.

The bottom line?

Restoring the full spectrum of bacterial species living on skin can calm the inflammation responsible for the symptoms of sensitivity. Peace at last!

How can prebiotic skincare fix my microbiome?

Today, any sensitive skin solution worthy of your attention has to do two things: repair skin’s physical lipid barrier – in other words, do the job of a traditional moisturizer – but also replenish its “2nd barrier,” the microbiome. Here’s an overview of your prebiotic hero ingredients:

  • Ceramide 3 reinforces the lipid barrier while providing a source of carbon for beneficial bacteria.
  • Niacinamide calms the symptoms of sensitive skin.
  • La Roche-Posay prebiotic thermal water has proven its ability to act on microbial diversity on dry and irritated skin. Its unique microbiological and mineral profiles drive the growth of skin’s friendly bacteria for a healthy microbiome.

With all 500 species of its microbiome flourishing, skin is more able to withstand everyday aggressors. Thanks to the power of your skin’s friendly bacteria, it is protected against the stresses of modern living. What’s that sound you hear? It’s your skin breathing a well-deserved sigh of relief of course!

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