My sensitive skin diary

Allergy face? Your SOS tips

Soothing tips

  • Keep your cool: Try a simple cool shower or bath to help bring down the heat and be sure to stay away from hot environments. Dress in light, loose and breathable clothes. Cotton and linen are your allergy-crisis friends.
  • Thermal water mist: Every household should have one of these little miracles! Thermal water feels deliciously cool, so when your skin is acting hot and bothered, simply let the spray psssssscccchhht away those pesky sensations!
  • De-puff: Your top ally for puffiness is a compress soaked in Thermal Spring Water. Some vloggers even recommend chilling teaspoons and placing them over your eyes. Whatever works!

Treating skincare

  • Beef up your barrier. Dry and scaling skin with an impaired barrier function is defenceless against a world full of allergens and irritants. To keep skin comfortable and happy, be sure you keep your barrier function topped up. Also, make sure your hydrating cream is specifically created for sensitive to allergic-type skin to bolster its defences. Discover Toleriane Ultra
  • Rudolph red? If the skin around your nose is flaking away due to all that blowing, try applying a healing balm with vitamin B5 to soothe and repair the skin Discover Cicaplast Baume B5. And it needn’t be a one-time thing: why not carry it in your bag for on-the-go use, or even use it as an overnight mask when your skin gets really irritated.

Concealing make-up

If all else fails, keep allergies incognito!

  • Red eyes? Anti-histamine eye drops are your first port of call, but make sure you avoid potentially irritating eye make-up, including micro-powder eyeshadows which can scatter into the eye. Seek out a non-stinging mascara tailor-made for extra-sensitive to allergic eyes to distract with lusciously dark lashes. Discover the Respectissime mascara
  • Perma-panda eyes? Say goodbye to those makeup smudges caused by non-stop watery eyes. Invest in a waterproof mascara formulated specifically for sensitive-to-allergic and watery eyes. Discover the Respectissime Waterproof Mascara
  • Raccoon rings? Allergic rhinitis can make dark circles worse by dilating the blood vessels. For instant correction, source a supersoft penbrush to dot over the area with intense concealer pigments. Discover the Toleriane Teint corrective pens
  • Hamster cheeks and puffball eyes? Wrap an ice cube or two in a piece of gauze, a soft washcloth or a fine handkerchief. Gently massage over the affected area for a few minutes to cool. Then apply a redness-diffusing fluid foundation in a workable formula for super sensitive skin types. Discover the Toleriane Corrective Liquid Foundation
  • Dates for your diary: 51% of women with allergies say they have kept makeup longer than one year. That may not sound long, but just imagine how many times you’ve opened and closed packs, dipped and swished brushes and even touched products with your fingers in the space of a year!

If you have allergic-like symptoms, always stick to the following recommended throw-out dates to ensure you’re using the best products you can:
Mascara - 6 months
Foundation - 12 months
Eye Shadow - 24 months
Concealer - 6 months
Blush - 24 months

Keep it clean: Makeup brushes and applicators can be real dust and allergy traps and need to be washed regularly to get a clean bill of health!

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