My sensitive skin diary

A day in the life of your Microbiome

Hello and welcome to the world’s first bacterial blog! Who are we? We are the world of microbes living on your skin; its bacterial ecosystem if you like and there are ten times more of us than cells in your body! Our preferred name is actually Microbiome, encompassing all 500 species of bacteria in our community. Our philosophy? Inclusivity. We’re all about diversity, because the more “multi-cultural” our microbial community, the better we can care for our essential partner, the skin.

6.58 am Good Morning!

Our human is just about to be rudely awakened by her iPhone alarm, but we’ve been up for hours working with our number 1 partner, the skin. It’s a win-win situation. Take right now, for example. We are all toasty warm in bed, cloaked in skin’s natural moisture and super comfy at its naturally slightly acidic pH. In return for this hospitality, we are regulating the immune system to stop skin from getting inflamed and reactive.

7.15 am Shower time… trouble in paradise

We don’t like dirt any more than our human does. But honestly, we wish she would be a little gentler at shower time! Alkaline soap disrupts our comfort-zone pH and strips us of our moist layer of lipids. As soon as she starts to lather up, we all cram into crevasses in the skin to wait out the storm :( Oh what we wouldn’t give for a skin-and-bacteria-friendly cream wash!

7.20 am Post-shower care… ahhh

At least our human knows how to pamper us when we most need it. A spritz of prebiotic thermal water gives us all the trace elements and nutrients we need for the day. And a generous layer of moisturizer keeps us wrapped up in vital hydration.

7.45 am A healthy bite before work

What’s that sound we hear? “Woohoooo!” Oh of course, it must be our neighbors in our human’s tummy. After a fiber-rich breakfast, she’s just swallowed a probiotic yoghurt drink, which is now trickling into its new home. It’s full of do-good bugs just like us, only they live in the gut. We do love to care for her… inside and out!

8.30 am Crossing the city to the office

Urban life sometimes seems like an assault course. Air pollution is a major bugbear for us bugs. It suffocates us and causes micro-inflammation in the skin, making it drier and less hospitable.

1 pm Stepping out for lunch

Our cousins in the gut are having a great time thanks to the superfood-rich lunch our human is tucking into. As for us, we’re feeling a little less happy. The air conditioning in the restaurant is drying out our home. Would a spritz of thermal water and a lick of moisturizer be too much to ask for?

4.30 pm She reaches into her handbag…

Uh oh… it looks like she’s fishing something out… our worst enemy… antibacterial handwash! Even worse than alkaline soap, it kills us en masse and leaves skin bare and dry. That’s when our frenemies like Staph. Aureus turn up and cause inflammation. Of course, handwashes are a must-use in certain situations like hospitals, but please try and make your daily care routine a disinfectant-free zone!

5.30 pm The afternoon dash

Her work day may be over, but there’s still plenty on her to do list. The school run, supermarket shopping, healthy meal for the family, emergency homework help for the kids… Her stress levels are on the rise… Lucky she’s got her guardian angel on board to help her out. Her tummy passengers interact with her nervous system to stop stress spiraling out of control. As for us on the skin, we keep any stress-induced stinging or prickling in check.

11 pm Our day is drawing to a close

After a long day of dodging environmental booby traps while defending skin, we urgently need some R&R. Luckily our human has just treated us to a mist of tasty prebiotic water and a much-needed layer of moisturizer. Time for a quick snooze, then back to work! And remember, look after your Microbiome and it will certainly look after you with a plethora of functions: defensive barrier against aggressors, fending off nastier bugs, immune regulation…