SUBSTIANE SERUM packshot from Substiane, by La Roche-Posay


Fundamental volume anti-aging concentrate


Restores cutaneous volumes : increases density, hold and bounce.

Airless bottle 30ml

SUBSTIANE SERUM packshot from Substiane, by La Roche-Posay


Loss of volumes : sagging of facial features, loss of density, loss of bounce.
Mature and sensitive skin innovation:
- LR2412 + Pro-Xylane, an unique combination of highly concentrated active ingredients to help restore cutaneous volumes.
- A new generation of rich, creamy and melt-in serum texture, developed specifically for mature and sensitive skin which provides a “skin-holding” effect on skin.

Product efficacy

Instrumental tests allowed us to analyze the effects of SUBSTIANE [+] SERUM on the skin:                                    
- Firmness +9%
- Elasticity +9%
- Tonicity +17%


Skin is denser, feels full to the touch. Day after day, its hold is strengthened.
As decrumpled, it is re-plumped, radiant and comfortable.

Application advice

As a complement to your skincare. Morning and/or evening on the face and neck.
Tolerance tested under dermatological control on sensitive skin. Paraben-free.


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