ROSALIAC CC Creme packshot from Rosaliac, by La Roche-Posay


Daily Unifying Complete Correction Cream


Provides instant Coverage and dermatological Correction of sensitive skin tone colour flaws.
Complete correction of all types of redness, whatever their origin, frequency or intensity.

Pump-bottle 50ml

ROSALIAC CC Creme packshot from Rosaliac, by La Roche-Posay


Sensitive skin prone to all types of redness, whether occasional or persistent, dispersed or localised.
A universal tone that blends naturally into fair to medium skin and instantly conceals to correct all shades of redness.
Glides quickly over skin, streak-free.
Enriched with naturally derived Ambophenol extract, it helps to neutralise redness. SPF 30.

Product efficacy

24 hours HYDRATION

  • 90 %
  • Skin looks even
  • (Auto-evaluation on 104 women)

  • 90 %
  • Covers redness
  • (Auto-evaluation on 104 women)

  • 90 %
  • Procures a natural result
  • (Auto-evaluation on 67 women)

  • -24 %
  • Redness diminution in 8 weeks
  • (Clinical test, 42 women, sensitive skin).


Skin is hydrated and feels soothed.
The complexion looks even. Redness appears visibly corrected.

Application advice

Apply daily to the whole face.
Replaces your skincare and foundation.


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