Redermic R Corrective UV SPF 30 packshot from Redermic, by La Roche-Posay

Redermic R Corrective UV SPF 30

Intensive dermatological anti-aging corrector SPF 30.
Anti-oxidant - Anti-long UVA - Anti-pollution


The dermatological efficacy of Retinol now for daytime use, and amplified by new anti-ageing protection: anti-oxidant, anti-UV, anti-pollution, to fight against environmental ageing (wrinkles, irregular skin tone, age marks…)

40ml. Aluminium tube.

Redermic R Corrective UV SPF 30 packshot from Redermic, by La Roche-Posay


Accentuated wrinkles, irregular skin tone.
Environmental ageing.

Exclusive combination: powerful anti-ageing Retinol complex (pure Retinol + Progressive Release Retinol) amplified with an anti-oxidant advanced protection (UVB SPF30 - UV PF 20).
Suitable for sensitive skin.

Product efficacy

Tested in extreme conditions : urban environments with pollution and sun exposure, and 50% of sensitive skin.

- Whole face: -19,2%
- Cheek fold: -21,6%
Pigmentated spots:
- 27,4%
Complexion uniformity:

Clinical assessment T0 to T8 weeks


Immediatly skin appears smoother and more luminous.
After 4 weeks, accentuated wrinkles and age spots look significantly reduced.
The skin is visibly more resistant to external daily aggressions.

Application advice

Apply in the morning on face, neck and neckline.
Avoid eye area.Use with hydrating night care.
Do not expose intentionally skin to sun.
Do not use in layering with any other retinoid products.
If discomfort appears during first uses, space out applications to give skin time to adjust to the product.


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