MICELLAR WATER ULTRA  REACTIVE SKIN packshot from Physiological cleansers, by La Roche-Posay


Physiological pH. High cleansing efficacy and cleansing surfactants selected for an optimal tolerance. Suitable for reactive skin.


Cleanses skin and removes make-up.
Anti-tightness and anti-redness.

Clear PET 100ml - 200ml - 400ml capsule bottle


Reactive skin

  • Removes perfectly make-up, impurities and dirt.
  • Leaves the skin clean and clear without drying.
  • Anti-tightness, anti-redness, anti-heating sensation.
  • Skin regains its comfort.
  • Hydrating power.
No soap. No colorants. No alcohol. No parabens.


Perfect make-up removal for the sensitive skin on the face, eyes and lips while respecting their physiological balance.

Application advice

Apply to the face, eyes and lips using a cotton pad. No rinsing. External use only.


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