Novalip DUO packshot from Novalip, by La Roche-Posay

Novalip DUO

The 1st lipstick which allies a record rate of skincare and a vibrating color.

A synergy between skincare and color: skincare emphasizes color intensity and color enhances skincare properties.

Nude lipstick, with no outer box (4 ml)

Novalip DUO packshot from Novalip, by La Roche-Posay


For sensitive and dry lips who avoid or fear wearing lipsticks, due to its tendency to emphasize lips imperfections and its sensation of discomfort.
1. 46% of skincare inside: LHA + 8% glycerin and D-Panthenol,
which deeply hydrates, repairs and smooth lips, to prepare a perfect lips surface.
2. An ultra-resisting and protective color film, which enhances skincare efficiency, maintaining 9h hydration while magnifying color all day-long.
- High tolerance
- Significative reduction on labial dryness and erythema
- Smoothing efficiency

Product efficacy

Clinical proven efficacy on lips replenishment (tested on sensitive lips, presenting erythema and lips dryness)


- 9h of hydration
- Long-lasting color

Application advice

On lips
Apply on lips


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