My scar, my story

Behind every scar hides a story.
Share yours and learn more about wound healing from our experts.

Skin voyager

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phase 1 : inflammation

Duration 1 to 3 days

To progressively isolate the injured skin tissue, blood that has leaked out of the damaged vessels will coagulate and form a scab.
This is the so-called «inflammatory» phase that involves cleaning cellular debris out of the wound to prepare for the reconstruction phase.

phase 2 : budding

Duration 1 week

Once the wound has been cleaned, cells called fibroblasts containing collagen and elastin fibers proliferate. Their activity allows new extra-cellular matrix to be formed. Granulation tissue appears and new vessels form, causing the scar to turn pink.

phase 3 : epithelialization

Duration 1 to 3 week

Now the reconstruction phase can begin:
keratinotypes, cells constituting 90% of skin’s superficial layer, multiply to cover the granulation tissue, the scar closes.

phase 4 : remodeling

Duration After 18 weeks

Lastly, firbroblast finish remodeling the skin:
the scar fades and regains its «normal» appearance.

phase 4 : remodeling

Duration up to 2 years

The remodeling phase lasts for several months after wound closure. For up to two years, you can take action to improve your scar’s esthetic appearance. To have a «beautiful scar», using cream and thoroughly massage the area are both recommended.