A better life for sensitive skin

Giuseppe Argenziano

Professor of dermatology

Skin cancer unit
Reggio Emilia, Italy

He has developed early diagnosis techniques for melanoma and created an important research centre. “Observe, get an idea...then step to the side and take another look." The Argenziano technique may involve a lot of skill, but it also uses empathy and distance, essential in arriving at the most accurate diagnosis possible.

Giuseppe's rigorous dermatological practice is bolstered by his other passions, whether that means supporting his football team, playing the drums, taking photographs, or keeping up to date with current events.

Philippe Deshayes


Caen, France

Ever since his clinical residency, Philippe has made his patients' quality of life his priority. Although a visible pathological skin condition may be perceived as a handicap by some, he believes that correcting make-up is an essential part of the treatment.

He was trained at La Roche-Posay's Corrective Make-up Studio with its founder, Alain Barthélémy. That is where he acquired the technical ability that serves his patients today.

Susana Puig

Professor of dermatology

Melanoma unit

Susanna teaches early diagnosis of skin cancer to her students and to doctors and dermatologists across the world. In Barcelona, she researches the genetic factors behind melanoma and tests around 120 patients a week, finding one melanoma every month.

She works hard between her consulting, training and research, but she also needs to recharge her batteries from time to time. Cooking is a favourite - "it's our family passion!"

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