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A BB cream is a make-up product


A BB cream is a make-up product

BB cream is a hybrid, all-in-one product. Its abbreviation—“BB” for blemish balm—indicates that it is both an ultra-effective multi-action skincare product and a complexion perfector. For those who love a fresh and natural nude finish, it is therefore a very good alternative to foundation. True to this concept, Hydreane BB moisturizes, soothes, and protects the skin while unifying and illuminating the complexion with its mineral pigments. Its additional advantage: its utmost respect for the most sensitive skin.

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For increasing numbers of people, however, skin has become an issue. Their skin has become sensitive and is no longer silently tolerating the stresses and strains of everyday life. It has begun to protest, expressing its discontent with symptoms such as redness, prickling, stinging… In the most severe cases, women with sensitive skin feel they have to opt out of “high risk” situations, which also means they can miss out on living a serene and fulfilled life.

Expert dermatological brand La Roche-Posay shares its insights into sensitive skin’s true impact on women’s lives – and tips on how to regain control.